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Construction Manager


Every construction site has multiple experts and levels of supervision. These experts could be hourly workers, supervisors, engineers, project managers, and even agency authorities. However, the key to a smooth functioning construction site is the leadership of a construction manager. Construction managers are responsible for a smooth, progressive project from pre-design to closing. They have a very important role in on-site safety and building code compliance.

Every day is different for a construction manager based on the phase of the project. One day could involve a stack of progress meetings, while another could be spent monitoring the site. Construction managers must be versatile to be successful.

A construction manager’s organizational skills are what drive a successful building project. They have a wide range of responsibilities, such as:

  • Quality management. They make sure that all construction and supervising workers are completing tasks according to approved design plans, and using the required materials.
  • Cost management. Construction managers must be on top of the project at all times. Construction sites cost a lot of money, and one simple mistake can cost thousands.
  • Safety management. Construction managers make sure that the entire construction site complies with legal regulations. They also oversee construction workers for any possible safety hazards throughout the entire project.
  • Construction administration. Construction managers help manage data and information, including contracts, bidding, and reporting. There is a chance you might spot a construction manager in their office every once in a while.

Construction management requires demanding leadership qualities. They must be able to communicate with a large, diverse group to complete projects effectively. Construction managers must be quick thinkers when an issue arises either on-site or in a business meeting. Deadlines must be met by construction managers to keep clients satisfied while following the project schedule.

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By: J. Auerbach

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