Flash Flooding Costs Taxpayers over $5 Billion Each Year

Flooding occurs from several different types of storms: thunderstorms, hurricanes, nor’easters, typhoons, tsunamis, and many more. These natural disasters occur across the world and create unpredictable flood patterns. Flash flooding is extremely dangerous for local communities near bodies of water.

Flooding in the United States costs citizens over $5 billion in property loss and damage. Large amounts of rushing waters can destroy any local community. The strength of the storm and location typically determine the magnitude of damages. Some of the many hazards of unexpected flash flooding include:

  • Excessive property and structural damage
  • Dangerous chemical buildup in water flow
  • Injuries to both humans and animals
  • Water and electricity supply disruption
  • Deteriorated health conditions
  • Business and economic disruption

Flooding is nearly unpredictable. The strength of a storm in a certain location determines the probability of flash flooding. There is no way to guarantee a flood’s appearance, but some tools can predict flooding. Technology and weather instruments have provided information that could lead to flash flooding, including:

  • Precipitation radar maps
  • Intensified weather patterns
  • River forecast center calculations
  • Rain gauge reports
  • Satellite rainfall data

Flood warning systems have been implemented to prepare for any inconvenient flash flooding. These notifications are sent out through text message, social media, radio, television, and any other reliable sources of communication. The National Weather Service uses a system that notifies users via cell phone of any conditions that show hints of flooding.

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By: J. Auerbach

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