What Would Life Be Like Without Building Code Officials?

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Safety is the goal of every project no matter the workload.  Engineers strive to provide high quality results in a reasonable amount of time.  To ensure safety for all buildings, a uniform construction code has been implemented into an engineer’s design process.  Every project requires approval from a qualified building code official that understands construction code standards.  Without these officials, construction projects could be unsafe for the general public.

Code enforcement is just as it says: enforcing the code.  A standardized code is set by government regulations.  Certified building code officials are required to inspect new projects for any flawed and unsafe designs.  Some areas that building code officials inspect include:

  • Structural stability
  • Fire safety precautions
  • Emergency exit availability
  • Proper health sanitation
  • Safe electrical wiring

Without these code enforcement regulations, building structures and designs could be faulty and unsafe.  Therefore, each inspection is conducted intricately to ensure accuracy.

There are several branches of building code officials that specialize in a specified area of government regulation.  Some of these specialized careers include:

  • Building Inspectors verify proper basic building structure and stability.
  • Public Works Inspectors inspect digging and filling obligations for concrete mixtures.
  • Electrical Inspectors check installation work for electrical wiring throughout a building. 
  • Mechanical Inspectors manage HVAC systems to ensure proper air quality. 
  • Plumbing Inspectors check sanitary and storm drainage systems.
  • Fire Inspectors test for appropriate fire safety in a building environment.

All of these types of inspections are vital to a successful construction process.  Thank a building code official for their hard work to protect the safety and well-being of local communities through personal, rigorous inspections. 


CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) is staffed with highly qualified code officials that strive to meet the needs of our clients.  Call us at 610-705-4500 or email info@cedarvilleeng.com to find out more.

By: J. Auerbach

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