CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC & Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Collaborate on a 3D Bioprinting Discovery Project

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC, (CEDARVILLE) and Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc., today announced a research collaboration designed to explore the development of innovative applications in 3D bioprinting that will advance life science research and accelerate the drug discovery process. Interest in 3D bioprinting has emerged in recent years. Applications for 3D bioprinting include drug screening, precision and regenerative medicine, food products and biosensors. The project is expected to leverage the expertise CEDARVILLE has in 3D modeling and printing, and the insight Rockland has in developing cutting-edge reagents and cell culture processes critical to novel biotechnologies.

“Every day, we help determine the planning and development of roadways, bridges, utility expansion and industrial or commercial sites. In that macro context, we have developed processes to create 3D scalable models with precision and accuracy to fit the workflows in that paradigm.” says April M. Barkasi, PE, President and CEO of CEDARVILLE. “This project presents an exciting twist. We will envision, now in a microenvironment, the application of technology and protocols on a cellular level to help advance scientific discovery in medicine.”

“The 3D bioprinting market is expected to grow in excess of 25% over the next five years to reach $1.33B in 2021.” says Dr. Karin Abarca, Vice President, Science Operations, at Rockland. “Our extensive know-how in 3D cell culture and the production of bespoke reagents critical to drug discovery provide a keen perspective on the opportunities and promise of 3D bioprinting. Rockland partners with industry leaders to target attractive markets with critical unmet needs. Together with CEDARVILLE, we foresee that our multi-disciplinary team will make real and meaningful advances in 3D bioprinting.”

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CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEDARVILLE) is a civil and environmental engineering technology and construction management company. CEDARVILLE manages the lifecycle of infrastructure from planning through design, permitting, inspection, operations, and maintenance. Our professionals bring value through innovation to government contracting, municipal services, environmental services, asset management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and 3D reality modeling. For more information about CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC, please visit www.cedarvilleeng.com.
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Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc., (Rockland) provides the highest quality antibodies and antibody based life science tools and services to the academic, biopharma, and diagnostic industries for use in basic research, assay development, preclinical and clinical studies, and bioprocessing. With facilities in Pennsylvania for over 50 years, Rockland manufactures products ideally suited for integration into critical assays such as western blotting, immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence microscopy (IF), ELISA, flow cytometry, and 2D imaging. Additional information about Rockland’s life science tools and services can be found on Rockland’s website at www.rockland-inc.com.
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