Aerial Inspection & Mapping

Experts in technology  for planning, design, and construction, CEG has invested in technology to provide a safer, streamlined, and all-encompassing approach to projects.

Architectural, civil, and structural engineering firms, construction companies and utilities all rely on CEG’s exacting aerial services to complete their diverse missions.

The CEG team of aerial mapping experts includes licensed engineers, land surveyors, and FAA certified UAS Pilots that bring decades of experience to every project.

Leveraging the latest aerial technologies to provide all CEG clients with improved planning, design, and construction results.


Capturing data by Photogrammetry and/or LiDAR from Unmanned Aerial Systems or Manned Aircraft, CEG improves project processes and results. Aerial mapping generates realistic models, that provide valuable information and CEG delivers 3D Terrain Models (TIN, DTM, XML, STM or Point Clouds), Orthorectified imagery, 2D and/or 3D drawings (in AutoCAD or MicroStation Format), Elevation/Section Plans and more.


Even the most challenging sites can be inspected safely with CEG’s UAS systems and workflows. The result is actionable, reliable data for challenging and high risk targets. From documenting new construction to inspecting existing, the cost savings and risk prevention is unmatched.


  • Topographic Surveys
  • Volumetric/Quantity Surveys
  • Inspection
    • Bridges
    • Cell Towers
    • Water Towers
    • E & S Control Measures
    • Structural & Building
    • Gas & Oil Pipeline/Tank Farm
  • Construction Progress Documentation
    • Pre-Construction
    • Progress/Key Benchmarks
    • Post-Construction
  • Ortho Imagery Capture
  • Near-infrared sensing
  • Accident Scene/Forensic Documentation/Reconstruction