Environmental Consulting

Achieving compliance through professional experience in planning, prevention, mitigation, remediation and maintenance.

Environmental consulting is not just about compliance, it is about achieving your big picture goal in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our team of licensed professionals have experience working with government, industry, and institutional clients on compliance, monitoring, investigation, planning, remediation, and reporting in a wide variety of settings. Our professionals offer expertise in ecological services, environmental assessments, environmental compliance, and remediation.

You can trust the CEG Environmental Team to handle your environmental challenges with creativity and diligence so that you can focus on achieving your ultimate goals.


CEG’s environmental team develops solutions that consider the conditions present today so that you can achieve your goals now and in the future. Our integrated team of engineers, geologists, scientists, and construction management professionals work closely together to deliver restoration and remediation projects tailored to specific project needs.


CEG’s environmental team has extensive experience in guiding clients through the requirements of regulatory programs. We combine our environmental science backgrounds with positive agency relationships to deliver proactive solutions that meet your project goals. Our proven track record for efficient agency approvals keeps your projects moving forward and in compliance with  environmental regulations.


  • Environmental Assessments
    • Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
    • Natural Resources Inventories
    • Ecological Risk Assessment
    • Soil & Water Investigation
    • Long-Term Monitoring & Reporting
    • Infiltration Testing
    • Soils Testing
    • Clean Fill
  • Ecological Services
    • Streambank Restoration
    • Wetland/Waters Delineation & Functional Assessment
    • Wetland Mitigation/Restoration Design, Construction Oversight, & Post-Restoration Monitoring
    • Invasive Species Management
    • Wildlife Studies & Habitat Evaluations
    • Threatened & Endangered Species
    • Compliance
    • Avian Investigations
    • Habitat Enhancement Planning/Implementation
    • PNDI Clearance
  • Environmental Permitting
    • Local, State, & Federal Wetlands/ Waters (Joint Permits)
    • NPDES
    • NEPA Compliance & Documentation
  • Environmental Compliance
    • Storage Tank Management (UST, AST)
    • Asbestos Management
    • Waste Disposal