IDIQ Above Ground Storage Tank Services

Water testing, annual inspection, leak testing to meet necessary requirements.

CEG provides above ground storage tank inspection services for NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic at the Philadelphia Naval Business Center in Philadelphia, PA, Naval Support Activity Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA, and Naval Support Activity – Mechanicsburg in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Recurring Work

Water Testing

Above ground Storage Tanks that require water testing shall have the four (4) consecutive tests done per STI SP001. Once a tank has passed all four (4) consecutive tests then they transition to the recurring annual inspection. Tanks passing water testing continue to have water testing on a yearly basis. In the event a tank fails water testing, NAVFAC is notified for further action.

Annual Inspection

Periodic Annual inspection per STI SP001 for designated tanks. Inspection include the required checklist items as prescribed by the latest edition of STI SP001. Each inspection evaluates the following:

1. STI SP001 Discrepancies

  • Presence of water in the primary tank
  • Presence of liquid within the interstitial space of double walled tanks

2. NFPA Tank Configuration Discrepancies

  • Normal and emergency venting in primary tank and interstice
  • Low melting point materials (plastic fittings, copper supply and return lines, etc.)
  • Piping in direct contact with soil
  • Tank location, stand-off distances, vehicle protection
  • Combustible materials within tank berms
  • Labeling
  • Presence and operation of valves (anti-siphon, tank isolation ball valves, check valves, tank drain valves, etc.)

3. SPCC Discrepancies

  • Adequate overfill prevention mechanisms
  • Secondary containment & interstitial space
  • Tank construction and configuration

4. OSHA Discrepancies

  • Configuration of tank ladders and platforms
  • Placement of remote fillports relative to tank location

Leak Testing

STI leak test per STI SP001 for designated storage tanks per NAVFAC’s schedule. Leak testing is required to achieve compliance with STI SP001 requirements. CEG performs hydrostatic leak testing of the primary tank in accordance with applicable industry standards. A leak testing report as a supplement to the applicable tank inspection reports.

Non-Recurring Work

Formal external inspection per STI SP001

As requested, inspections are conducted by PADEP IAM (Inspector Aboveground Manufacture) certified tank inspectors.

  • Perform inspections in accordance with the guidelines provided in Section 7.0 of SP001.
  • Inspectors utilize Attachment C in combination with a customized inspection checklist to include all of the content from the STI Formal External inspection requirements with supplemental checklist items.
  • Each inspection should thoroughly evaluate all compliance requirements, as detailed in the Scope of Work.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) testing in accordance with SP001 as applicable.
  • Inspection records include a determination of Suitability for Continued Service following the guidelines provided in Section 10.0 of SP001.

Formal internal inspection per STI SP001

Internal inspection per Chapter 8 of the Steel Tank Institute STI SP001 document, which includes:

  1. All parts of a Formal External Inspection (per Ch 7 of the STI SP001 document).
  2. Measurement and inspection of all AST internal appurtenances and thickness measurements of all internal structures.
  3. Inspection of all welds by visual inspection or magnetic particle inspection.
  4. Internal non-destructive testing consisting of ultrasonic thickness testing or equivalent procedure. Specific details are in the STI document.
  5. Vacuum box inspection of questionable welds to check for leakage.

Suitability of Continued Service determination and a comprehensive inspection report. The specific contents of the report are in the STI document.


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