Jefferson Square Improvements

City of Philadelphia, PA

Jefferson Square is a historic public park bounded by Washington Ave and 4th Street in the Pennsport section of the City of Philadelphia.

The site is located within a Recreational Zoning District, and is described as Public Park providing passive recreational opportunities. This project included the design and permitting of the green stormwater infrastructure improvements at Jefferson Square.

The renovations included the removal and replacement of sidewalk, new lighting, landscaping and associated stormwater management facilities. The proposed renovations resulted in no increase in impervious surface area and alleviated current situations for the design and function of this urban park restoration.


  • Preliminary Site Analysis
  • Data Reduction and Contour Generation
  • Grading Design
  • Stormwater Design
  • Preparation of Plans
  • Landscape Design

Project Details

  • Address:
    Washington Ave & 4th St., Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Date of Completion: Nov 2008
  • Construction Cost: $200,000.00