Colonial Drive Park

Township Creates a Recreational Resource and Saves Money: One Solution For Three Problems

Lower Frederick Township hosts regular community events, including concerts and community yard sales. These events are very well attended. Places once used for excess parking have changed hands or developed. Where to park for these events?

A local soccer club needs space to play league games. Lower Frederick had, in recent years, acquired park land at Colonial Drive and Salford Station Road. The Township Board of Supervisor’s agreed that the space had potential for soccer club use. However, parking was not sufficient and the grades were not ideal for a play field.

The Township had another concern. Construction of a new sewer plant would generate excess dirt. That would be followed by construction of a sewer collection system extension, generating a large amount of excess fill material. Trucking that excess material away for disposal costs money. Was there a place to use that material and reduce disposal costs?

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) developed a plan that could answer all three questions.

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) developed a plan that could answer all three questions. Engineers computed the volume of excess material to be generated by the sewer projects. Survey data from the undeveloped park meadow was used to build a model of the ground surface. A play field, parking area, and preliminary stormwater management facilities were mapped onto the surface, and grading design began. Play field elevations were modeled and adjusted to balance the fill material needed against that generated by the sewer projects.

As the site material needs were balanced, stormwater management was designed to offset the increased runoff generated by the proposed improvements. Features include infiltration areas and use of amended soils.
The project has received an NPDES permit, and construction is anticipated in 2018.

The Township saves money on the construction project because project contractors do not have to find suitable disposal sites for excess fill. Plus, the Township gains the amenity of usable public park with 75 parking spaces and a suitable playing field for Township events and activities.


  • Design Playfield
  • Public Parking
  • Stormwater Management
  • MP’s and Erosion Control
  • Balance site with excess materials from Sewer Treatment Plant and Sewer Collection System Construction
  • Obtain NPDES Construction Permit

Project Details

  • Address:
    Colonial Drive and Salford Station Road
  • Date of Contract:
  • Date of Completion:
    Design Complete & Approved 2017; Construction 2019