Ryerson Station State Park

Surveying & 3D Modeling of nearly 200 acres.

After some damage to the dam, the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has decided to restore the floodplains of this state park and create new buildings and pedestrian paths. There will be roads and stream restoration.

CEG is in the process of capturing and surveying approximately 200 acres that surround existing stream channels and associated valley bottoms within the 1,164-acre park property. Preparation of a topographic base plan with 1’ contour intervals for the site is required.

CEG will perform a Control & Check Points Survey throughout the site. The Control Points will establish elevation references and be used for compiling a model from data collected from the aerial flight and the supplemental survey of the valleys and main creek. The site will be tied to the State Plane Coordinate System and NAVD 88. The Check Points will be for validating the final survey data. CEG will collect topographic data via 2 Methods: LiDAR+UltraCAM Survey and Conventional Survey.

The end deliverable is a 2D Topographic Base Plan presenting the site with 1’ contour intervals delivered in PDF Format. A 3D Model will be produced which will be provided in a 3MX Format.