Embreeville Wetland Mitigation Project

Embreeville, Newlin Township, Chester County, PA

Berner Construction, Inc. was contracted by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service to construct a 14-acre wetlands area along the Brandywine Creek on land donated to Chester County Water Resources by the Natural Lands Trust.

The wetlands mitigation project was a means to restore 14 acres of land intended to be reclaimed as wetlands during the construction of the 90-acre Chambers Lake in Hibernia Park, Chester County. The wetlands mitigation will create the first phase of an eventual water trailhead on the popular section of the West Branch of the Brandywine Creek.

Two wetland areas were constructed on the site. The construction of the first area required excavation of approximately 2,000 cubic yards of soil. The excavated soil was used to construct an earthen berm for the second wetland area that was construction on grade. Berner installed 1,400 linear feet of a compacted core trench and a compacted earthen berm that ranged from a few inches to five feet above grade.

An outlet control structure, overflow structure, piping, and channels were installed to collect and divert storm and surface water to the new wetlands area.

As required by the project drawings and specifications, only vegetation that was inside the wetland boundary was removed or disturbed. Several large trees were protected during the construction and left in place. The site restoration included hydroseeding the wetlands areas with native and wetland seed mixtures.

Berner staff performed the required surveying for the project including layout, cut and fill calculations, and installation of control points.


  • Survey
  • Installation of Control Structure, and Overflow Structure
  • Piping
  • Installation of Channels

Project Details

  • Client:
    U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Location:
    Embreeville, Newlin Township, Chester County, PA