Birch Street Sanitary Sewer Extension

Improvements to Infrastructure Aid Residents

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) is the Appointed Engineer for the Borough of South Coatesville, Chester County, PA. CEDARVILLE worked directly with the Borough to secure a $700,000.00 government grant for the improved streetscape and infrastructure improvements.

This project consists of the extension of the existing sanitary and stormwater sewer systems along Birch Street, enabling more residents and businesses within the community to have access to the service.

As part of the sewer line extension, sidewalks were extended along Birch Street and ADA ramps installed to aid in the public in not only accessing the nearby community, but also the nearby Midvale Park. In addition, the asphalt pavement was milled and a new road was paved. CEG worked to create the design drawings and bid package for the project and oversaw the construction of the project.

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC (CEG) developed a plan that could answer all three questions.

CEG developed the project plans and specifications, and ran the contractor bidding process. Activities included running pre-bid meetings and tabulating bids to make an award recommendation to the Owner. During construction CEG ran contractor meetings, responded to RFI’s, prepared monthly status reports for the Owner, and was on site performing inspection to ensure compliance with the project plans and specifications. Our Construction Manger tracked the project schedule and worked with the Contractor to respond to delays caused by bad weather and devised a staging plan that enable the project to make up for lost time and finish on schedule. CEG reviewed contractor progress payment requests and forwarded recommendations to the Owner.


  • Project Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inspection
  • Technical Submittal Review
  • Construction Plan & Specification Review
  • Review Comments
  • Documentation/Record Keeping
  • Contract Submittal Review
  • Review Progress Payments
  • Schedule Review/Delay Impact Analysis
  • Critical Path Method Analysis
  • Produce/Provide Cost Reports
  • Constructability Analyses
  • RFP Preparation/Review

Project Details

  • Address:
    South Coatesville Borough, Chester County, PA
  • Date of Contract:
  • Date of Completion: