USDA – 600 East Mermaid Lane

Topographical and boundary survey services and environmental services.

CEG performed a boundary survey of 32 acres of land and partial topographic survey of 15 acres of land of 600 East Mermaid Lane for paving and stream restoration project.

Researched deeds for site and adjoining owners, calculated and created deed mosaic, performed boundary survey and analyzed results, performed topography of site and cross sections of adjoining streets and existing stream. Determined property boundaries and rights-of-way for site.

This project involved the proposed restoration of approximately 1,450 linear feet of the upper reach of Cresheim Creek, a tributary of Wissahickon Creek, on the USDA Eastern Regional Research Center property. The restoration will consist of the stabilization of the streambanks, habitat enhancement structures, and other instream structures. In addition, paving improvements are proposed along the lower road on the USDA property. Managed the completion of a wetland delineation and associated report. Will also be completing a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Jurisdictional Determination (JD), Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) pre-application meeting, and the environmental portions of Chapter 105/Section 404 Wetland and Stream Obstruction/Encroachment permitting.


  • Boundary Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Stream Cross Sections
  • Wetland Locations
  • Partial Boundary and Topographic Plan

Project Details

  • Client: STV, Inc.
  • Address:
    Springfield Township, Montgomery County, PA